.---'  o        .    `---.
             .-'    .    O  .         .   `-.
          .-'     @@@@@@       .             `-.
        .'@@   @@@@@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@   .    `.
      .'@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@     @@@@@@@@@         `.
     /@@@  o @@@@@@@@@@@@@@     @@@@@@@@@     O     \
    /        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @   @@@@@@@@@ @@     .  \
   /@  o      @@@@@@@@@@@   .  @@  @@@@@@@@@@@     @@ \
  /@@@      .   @@@@@@ o       @  @@@@@@@@@@@@@ o @@@@ \
 /@@@@@                  @ .      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@ \
 |@@@@@    O    `.-./  .        .  @@@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@  |
/ @@@@@        --`-'       o        @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@    . \
|@ @@@@ .  @  @    `    @            @@      . @@@@@@    |
|   @@                         o    @@   .     @@@@@@    |
|  .     @   @ @       o              @@   o   @@@@@@.   |
\     @    @       @       .-.       @@@@       @@@      /
 |  @    @  @              `-'     . @@@@     .    .    |
 \ .  o       @  @@@@  .              @@  .           . /
  \      @@@    @@@@@@       .                   o     /
   \    @@@@@   @@\@@    /        O          .        /
    \ o  @@@       \ \  /  __        .   .     .--.  /
     \      .     . \.-.---                   `--'  /
      `.             `-'      .                   .'
        `.    o     / | `           O     .     .'
          `-.      /  |        o             .-'
             `-.          .         .     .-'
                `---.        .       .---'

| name : Monara 
| crew : 1
| captain : Esso
| Model : swifter-f440p

This is the story of Esso.

Esso is a young nomad. He is a little tall, wear a brown lether jacket.
I mean those will be the first things you will notice if you came across him.
But if you look closely you will see, his left arm is not a real human hand.
It's a mechanical one. The story says once he losed the arm in a gamble. 
Who knows if it's the truth I mean those nomads, they can't be trusted that easily. 
Anyway let's get back to the story. This guy Esso, born on Earth and learnt his first
few lessons of life there.
Not sure if he even got a proper education. These days who cares. When he was 20 years old he
got caught by the New York police for tring grand theft auto. Apparently then he worked for a guy named
Soiza, mr Soiza. This guy has a good reputation in the city of New York as one of the biggest illegal
vehicle dealers. Both ground and sky. 
After Esso got caught he was sent to the colony of moon for hard labour of one year. You know what happend? 
Apparently this guy of ours if not the silent type. So he couldn't keep his mouth shut and got in an
argument with an inmate named Zura. Zura was a transgender woman, she was big and strong. Compared to Esso
she is like Batista. And Esso lacks insight when it comes to things like this, he still doesn't know 
how to just get by. So, yeah you guessed it right. A short fight broke out, it was a very short fight.
 Esso threw a punch at Zura and she didn't even feel it. Then here comes the Zura's punch towards Esso's face. 
Yeah it was inevitable anyway. He deserved it. And Esso is now unconscious. 
Few days after the small incident, he got transferred to work in an outpost close to the moon. The work
there was harder, he even had to work outside the outpost. Well, he was in charge of cleaning. So as 
he had to work outside he had to wear this stupid suit to get his Oxygen and to keep the pressure difference
at bay. 
We don't know much about his days in this outpost after all. But this is where he stole this really cool 
ship. One day he was cleaning outside the hanger and that's when he first saw this ship. It was parked
(not sure if it's the correct word) inside a small hanger. The ship seemed old but it didn't stop Esso to
fall in love witht he ship. I mean it is love at the first sight, right. And there were only a couple of
more days until he could be a free man again. And he already knew what he is going to do. 
Just after he got released, he wanted to just go to the hanger and steal the ship. But it wasn't that 
simple. He only had few MetaCoins in his virtual wallet. Just for food you will have to spend at least 
5 or 6 MetaCoins per week. So he had to spend a couple of more days in the small but dense moon town called 
Schweinestadt to make 10 meta coins doing few 
casual jobs like as a waiter, a cleaner. I mean there are a lot of robots to clean most of the places. 
But there are still people who are rich and pride to hire human workers to do stuff like that. 
So after his short time in this town, he sneaked inside the outpost and then to the hanger. It was not 
for someone who is familiar with grand theft auto. He has hid his suit he used to wear when he was
cleaning outside, he wore it and just went to the hanger and stole the freaking ship. It was simple 
because now he doesn't have that band around his foot, that will blow off if he ever moved away from
the premises. I mean that's how they keep those prisoners. And if you want to remove it you can wait
until your time there is over, or you can cut off your foot. 

Anyway it's becoming too long.

Let's get to the ship. The ship Monara. It's an old ship but a good one. It's not the fastest ship
you are going to find but it is fast enough for our guy. I mean he is kind of into old things.

let's now fast forward everything by a whole one year >>>

Now let's talk about the ship. Now the ship is in great shape. All the small cosmetic damages it had were
fixed, its engine is completely refurbished and now it just look amazing. I doubt if you will
find it beautiful, if you love classic old stuff you will love it. As I have told you before it's 
a small ship, at most it has space for three people. The control compartment is small but comfy.
It has two pilot seats, a fridge, many storage compartments and a lot of gadgets. I mean not 
very useful gadgets, there are many hard drives, broken computer parts, rams and stuff like that. 
And there is this small working area just next to the bed, and there's a gorgeous thinkpad not a 
new skinny one. But an old classic thick one. And next to it there's this QEC
-Quantum Entanglement Communicator. It's supposed to be in the control compartment. 
But meh, that's how things work inside Monara. 
Oh I almost forgot about the lighting. Inside the ship it's pretty dark, there are some pink
and blue colored neon like lights here and there and that's it. Our guy Esso doesn't care much
about those things. 
The atmosphere inside the ship is just so chill, you can just jump to the back and there you have
your bed, working area, two comfy seats and a fridge. That sounds pretty small to me. 
If you want you will be able to squeeze in two or more seats, but it will ruin the vibe, 
you know. 

So that's it with with the introduction. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures. May be he will end up
being a space drug dealer, a weapon dealer, software virus dealer, a space pirate or a 
bountry hunter. Who knows, in this vast comsic voyage anything and everything is possible. 

monara - Ship Log:
457 >> monara - 127 >> ESSO LOG-FILE
460 >> monara - 128-ESSO >> LOGFILE
461 >> monara - monara - Esso >> Emails
463 >> monara - Monara-130 >> ESSO - LOG FILE
465 >> monara - Email-Jaura >> Esso
466 >> monara - >> ESSO- LOG-FILE
467 >> monara - >> Unknown-Messege >> Monara
469 >> monara - Encrypted message-Monara >> HCP
472 >> monara - Log-File >> space$pirates
474 >> monara - bye bye Ganymede! Log-File >> space$pirates
478 >> monara - On the way to Callisto - Log File
487 >> monara - Log-File >> Public-QEC-network

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