Source : Monara (swifter-f440p) QEC	
Type   : log file
Software : Log Manager v1.05
User   : Esso98
State  : sent
Date   : 23-12-3020
Time   : 00:23:18

I left Ganymede yesterday evening. What a nice
time to start a journey. The sky was freaking red.
Anyway now I am already few thousand files away.
I was just staring at the window for a couple of
minutes now, I mean it would be a waste if I did
not enjoy the scene of leaving this beautiful sphere.

I turned on the auto pilot mode. Sat down at my
small table, popped open a cold sprunk and opened
my Thinkpad. Played with it for a couple of minutes,
read some articles I've saved to the hard drive.
I have already passed beyond the area with internet.
So now until I get to Callisto. It's just me and the

Oh, what is this! there are some articles about
some hacktivists cyber protesting against government's
decision to join hands with proprietary software
companies. I wonder why those people can't
understand that sometimes, history repeats. We humans
have already destroyed a beautiful planet. Thanks to
capitalism, stupid organizations and arrogant rulers.

I kind of feel like I am having some mental
issues. Sometimes I act like I care about the
universe. But sometimes I become ruthless and stupid.
Whatever sometimes I just wonder, if how things
good it could have been if I got to spend my
childhood with the nature. Trees, animals and beautiful

Instead of that, thanks to our capitalist and
communist ancestors I had to live among the dirt,
killing rats and stealing from humans. Thinking about
that past make my anger towards humans pop up
just like a small spark of fire hidden in the ashes.
There are multiple occasions I felt like I want to
blow up everyone.

Hmmm this sprunk is nice. I closed down my Thinkpad,
got up did some stretchings. And came back to the
pilot compartment. I wonder if how many, or what
kind of people do read my logs.