Source : Monara (swifter-f440p) QEC	
Type   : log file
Software : Log Manager v1.05
User   : Esso98
State  : sent
Date   : 26-12-3020
Time   : 05:23:12

I am close to Callisto, may be five or six hours
and I will be there. These couple of days, I
spent thinking and staring at the big empty space.
Sometimes it's just beautiful. Sometimes it's just
empty. Staring at the emptyness is like staring
at the past. The things we have lost, the things
we shared. Things we loved or hated. I mean what's
the difference. I used to be arrogant and active.
Now I don't feel like rushing, violence or
competition. I mean what the hell? do we even have
a purpose. When I was young I wanted to just own
real fast and nice cars. May be that's what made
me to be a car thief.

Well people from Earth rarely have beautiful tales
to tell. I remember teacher from my elementary
school told me that the Earth used to be a loving
place. It's hard to believe. Anyway I didn't take
anyschool book seriously. I mean Ganymede is 100
times better than the Earth. There are green forests
and nice streams there.

War, love or hate. All are just mystic words
from history. I don't know their meaning, or the
purpose. In the first glance people think war
is hate. But I've heard about people who found
love in war. Back in Ganymede I met this man who
is the owner of a small electronics shop. He told
me that his grand parents, his grand father and
his husband were met in the great war for Ganymede.

A lot of questions. we humans have been seeking
answers for thousands of years. We ended spreading
all around the Solar System. But I never saw an
article about finding the meaning of life. Whatever
let's just go to Callisto!