----### LOG - KEEPER ###----

User : Esso98
Type : Log file
Date : 17-12-3320
Time : 17:22:14

> Got a reply from Jaura, not the one
  I expected, though.
> It just reminded me that he is a jerk.
> I am a good sailor err eventhough I've never
  jumped to hyperspace.
> I will show him if who is the sailor. And he sounded
  sexist, yes I got in a fight with a chick but damn this
  is 3320!
  (It's not important that I lost the fight)
> I still want to spend some more time here in Ganymede
  before travelling to Callisto.
> Today I found a small village named 'Vos', it's a
  farming village. With a beautiful landscape.
  People were friendly too. There were only one space
  ship in the whole village, I think it is owned by the
  village merchant.
> I heard there are good quality weed capsules.