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[ inbox ] [ date : 17-12-3320 ]

From : jaura101@spacemail.qecm
To   : esso98@spacemail.qecm
CC   :

Subject : I am not even in the Solar System

-----Email Content-------

Mr Ezz,

So how ya doing Mr.E, I heard about your arrest. Haha and I heard that you were
stupid enough to get in a fight with a moon chick huh? You are pretty lame
to be honest, the Esso I knew was like and eel, hard to catch. I don't know
what happend but now I think your reputation is ruined as an auto thief. So what
are you upto? Just travelling? I won't believe it.
I mean at least have you ever jump to hyperspace? no, the answer is no. So you
stole an old ship and went to a satellite of Jupiter, and you call yourself a
sailor? HAHA you never fail to make me laugh cousin.

You were a ground man, you always were. When I was dreaming about fancy space
ships, you were messing with stupid cars and small shit that can't even jump into
Look I know some one in Callisto, a good woman. She can upgrade your tiny little
ship into something worth having. Do yourself a favor and go meet her. Tell her that
I sent you. Then at least make your ship can jump into lightspeed. If not how are you
going to travel, and enjoy life? Are you going to spend all your miserable life, in
'The solar system'? C'mon there are much better planetary systems. We born on the Earth
man! We are supposed to be the best sailors, so stop acting like a space octopus and

And yes your joke is shit. Don't ever write back to me unless you get your ship