Source : Monara (swifter-f440p) QEC	
Type   : log file
Software : Log Manager v1.05
User   : Esso98
State  : sent
Target : space$pirates
Date   : 22-12-3020
Time   : 15:25:18

Hello there space pirates, hope you guys
are doing just fine. Tomorrow I am going
to start my flight to Callisto. So today
I had to stop by a town called 'Hornsey'.
It was a busy town. The streets were crowded
so was the shops. Apparently they have
an upcoming festival or something. I didn't
have time to investigate those. But I found
something interesting there, a nice mobile
QEC. It was 10BC but I bought it. I mean I
spent 17BC for weed, soo.
It has this nice display and a real nice
keyboard. I just love the keyboard. And it
can voice type too, just like the fixed
one in my ship. But the thing is its range
is pretty low compared to the built in one
in my ship. But pretty sure this will come in

And I went food shopping too, if you can say
so. I bought a small handgun and a shotgun.
And btw some canned food too with some canned
drinks. The shot gun is a robust old school one.
One shot and you head will just get reduced into
some smaller parts of tissues and flesh.
And the handgun is old too, but has some pretty
cool features. It can shoot bullets and laser
beams. So it will come in handy if I had to
cut open some metal doors or robots. It's been
a while since I could get my hands on some
real gear.

But you know that those are not the real deal,
eh. I am saving up for the real deal. Maybe I will
be able to make some bucks in Callisto. So if I
am lucky, then I can get some artillery attached
to Monara yummy. Oh and a machine gun too.

And I attached a pretty strong flashlight to Monara,
and bought few handheld flash lights too. I mean
dudes we are heading to Callisto. The freaking whole
civilization is just undergroung. Who knows if we will
have to fly through some long and dark holes. But so
far I have only heard of good stories about Callisto.
As I heard the people are friendly, the tunnels are
big, secure and lighted, the food is great but green
ones are pretty expensive as they have to provide
all conditions artificially. But I heard there are
real good meat there. Apparently they have huge animal
farms, not sure if I will see some animals I've never
seen before. But whatever, now I am a free man and
will do whatever I feel like doing.
And right now I feel like I want to go to Callisto!
So catch ya later folks, Esso out!