Source : Monara (swifter-f440p) QEC	
Type   : log file
Software : Log Manager v1.05
User   : Esso98
State  : sent
Target : space$pirates
Date   : 19-12-3020
Time   : 22:03:11

I decided to try a new log keeping software
called Log Manager. It's not that I don't like
Log Keeper, I find it annoying to use the same
software too long.

I bought some cannabis capsules, from some well
known vendors in Vos. To be honest those are some
good quality stuff, I only spent 13MC and I could
buy two dozens of capsules. I am not very much into
those stuff, so may be I will sell few capsules.

And I just found out about this small social media like
thingy called 'space$pirates'. It's a small community of
sailors who are not bound to laws, so from now on I will be
sharing my log files with them.

It's hard to be in a small space ship all alone for months.
So at least some virtual company like this feels a little
better. I kind of feel like even my personality is now changing.
May be I will buy a small bot next time I go to a big city.

Now flying over a huge forest. It's been few hours since I left Vos.
And I already passed few towns and deserts. It's soothing to
see a forest like this, so I slowed down the ship intentionally.
I am not in a rush. And anyway I am already almost in the next
side of Ganymede. I should fix some good quality 'space boom boosters'
so I can jump to hyperspce, when I went to Callisto.
And I feel like it will be better to finish this Ganymede tour
quickly and just start my journey to Callisto. Considering its present
position, I will be able to get there in 3 or 4 days if I started
my travel this week.

I can worry about those later, now I gotta enjoy this nice forest.
Damn humans made Ganymede a whole new place!