### LOG - KEEPER ###

User : Esso98
Type : log file
Date : 17-12-3320
Time : 21:25:32
> Emailed Jaura after a long time
> Found a diary log of someone from some where
  called Ristol Island!
> And somehow they have got my LOG file, it's
  impressive. Sadly the diary log file I got was
  corrupted so couldn't figure out anything about the
> I just wish I am not in trouble again.
> Three days ago I finished resupplying, so will be
  good for a couple of weeks of travelling.
> I still want to travel and explore the rest of the
  towns in Ganymede. No wonder the craftmanship here is
  much better, I mean after Earth Ganymede is one of the
  first celestial bodies humans migrated to, eh.
> I hope to spend a couple of weeks, to explore Ganymede.
> Then to head for Callisto.
> I want to see the underground Cities there.
> I tried few stores in Nadeena but couldn't find any
  good working ThinkPads!