The Archer-51 is a small, nimble repurposed patrol craft. It previously
served in the Sol System Space Force before being scuttled off Earth. It
was then acquired by a guild known as The Bowyers' And Fletchers'
Company shortly before the exodus, upgraded with equipment suitable for
flight into deep space, and launched with a crew of twelve. Space
Specialist M. Stephens awoke from hibernation to find the rest of the
crew missing in action. The story begins here.

Archer-51 - Ship Log:
672 >> Archer-51 - Initial Contact
678 >> Archer-51 - Assessing The Situation
679 >> Archer-51 - MANIFEST
680 >> Archer-51 - Almanac: The Bowyers' And Fletchers' Company
681 >> Archer-51 - More Questions Than Answers
682 >> Archer-51 - SECURITE
683 >> Archer-51 - PAN-PAN

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