Acting captain's log, Archer-51, entry number one:

I am Space Specialist M. Stephens, DC-0853, assigned to the ship
Archer-51. I have just awakened from hibernation to find no trace of the
rest of the Archer's crew. Hibernation pods have been opened, but are
empty. Quarters appear undisturbed, with no apparent activity since
launch. Technology is intact, but no robots have been assembled, and the
ship's computer appears unaware of current time or location.

It appears that I have been marooned in deep space. This is, of course,
unexpected. If you are reading this, then the QEC is working.

Pursuant to regulations, I am taking command of the Archer-51, although
with no one else here to command, this is merely a formality. As acting
captain, my first priority is to activate the remaining technology on
the ship, including the positioning and timekeeping units, provisioning
equipment, and the copilot robot.

Until I can ascertain the nature of my deployment, I am NOT issuing a
mayday call or other request for aid. This would be premature.

If you should happen to read this via QEC, please stand by for further

Per aspera ad astra.

End log.