Acting captain's log, Archer-51, entry number three:

Coordinates, encoded 79532BD8-3DED-4FF4-A922-E3B2737BA5D5.
Intergalactic time spec follows this log.

I have recovered the Archer-51's manifest from the archives. I have
instructed J3N67 to post it to QEC. Unfortunately, it provides little in
the way of context.

It is not unusual for the Space Force to contract with Bowyers &
Fletchers for shipping. What is somewhat unusual is for this flight to
have been crewed exclusively by SSSF personnel. Usually, B&FC supplies
most of the crew, with one or two SSSF specialists on board to look
after protocol. However, the manifest indicates this flight was to have
been commanded by Lt. Colonel Courtenay, whom I happen to know from my
time at the Academy - she taught a course on avionics - and further
crewed by a number of SSFF officers and enlisted specialists. If the
flight was to be strictly military in nature, why was it assigned to a
civilian craft with no civilian crew?

And not only is the rest of the crew missing, so is the cargo. I have
visited the cargo hold and found no Model Eight containers. Instead, I
have found only one B&FC Model Six container containing provisions, as
is standard on all flights. It appears to contain provisions for the
full crew of twelve. (So at least I shouldn't run out of food and health
products any time soon.)

Furthermore, while the Archer was directed for Ganymede, we are
currently far off course at 79532BD8-3DED-4FF4-A922-E3B2737BA5D5. I have
instructed J3N67 to get us back on course as soon as possible, but this
could take weeks given how large of a divergence we are on.

I am still not prepared to issue a mayday call. J3N67 and I have things
well under control - it is just a matter of determining our next course
of action. I will continue to update as these questions are answered.

Per aspera ad astra.

End log.

Intergalactic time spec, compressed format: