Acting captain's log, Archer-51, entry number two:

Coordinates, encoded C115B8AF-F900-4483-9AC9-5C4D3319C424.
Intergalactic time spec follows this log.

The Archer-51 is now mostly at nominal operating status. Position is
known and time is kept. The commissary machine is producing edible food
and comfort systems are fully operational. Copilot robot # J3N67 is
functional and able to operate navigational systems well enough to
permit me to tend to the rest of the ship.

The obvious missing piece is the rest of the Archer's crew. At full
capacity, the ship's crew is twelve. As stated in the previous log, I am
the only person aboard the ship.

Further investigation suggests that the other eleven crew members never
boarded the Archer. Their quarters are undisturbed, with no personal
effects or other signs of habitation. Their hibernation pods appear to
have been open continuously since launch; that my pod functioned
properly under these circumstances is remarkable and a testament to the
quality of modern shipbuilding. Unfortunately, that quality does not
extend to the ship's archives, which appear to be incomplete from
approximately eight hours before launch until my awakening. Landside
backups are, obviously, not accessible from space. Spaceside backups
began only after I enabled them. Thus, there is a hole in the logs, and
in my understanding of how I came to be in this situation.

Fortunately, this situation is, for the most part, comfortable, if a bit
lonely. The commissary's food is actually somewhat tasty; a pleasant
surprise and a further example of the quality of Archer's build. My own
personal effects were loaded into my quarters, so I have access to my
library and entertainment. I have also been assembling some of the
optional equipment on the Archer for educational purposes. My rating at
the Academy was Missile Technician; with only light weaponry and no
enemy to engage, the Archer has no need for a missile tech, but the
skills I learned are useful for all manner of technology assembly.

Per aspera ad astra.

End log.

Intergalactic time spec, compressed format: