Acting captain's log, Archer-51, entry number four:

Coordinates, encoded 60C32C6D-FDE7-44F5-8A8B-5045C558214A.
Intergalactic time spec follows this log.

As can be determined from the coordinates quoted above, the Archer-51 is
now back on course for Ganymede, but severely overdue. As I have been
unable to reach the Ganymede Coastguard via standard communications, I
am hoping they are monitoring the QEC.

The journey has been more eventful than hoped. Shortly following the
last log entry, the Archer-51 encountered an asteroid field. With the
assistance of the J3N67, I was able to navigate through this hazardous
situation, but not without a small impact to the hull, which is not
believed to be mission-threatening. Repairs will be necessary once we
reach Ganymede.

The mystery of my solitude aboard Archer-51 remains unsolved. Landside
backups remain inaccessible, and beyond the manifest and a few preflight
checklists, I have been unable to recover any useful information
regarding the launch. Following arrival, I intend to requisition the
backups from the archives of Bowyers And Fletchers and to request an
investigation from SSSF. The circumstances surrounding this mission are
highly suspic


Intergalactic time spec, compressed format: