The Seket Maat Heru is an Akashic Class vessel with one pilot known as Swinton.
She purports to carry the collective sum of human wisdom and awaits on station
in a stable long-loop solar orbit conserving primary engine trust until a 
particular coded sequence is received via QEC. 

More specifically, she orbits at approximately ...

v=4.09km/s, a=50AU, b=49.99AU, e=0.02 

... where v is velocity, a is the semi-major axis, b is the semi-minor axis,
and e is eccentricity. 

Little is known about the custodian or the orignal curator or curators of
the archive itself. However, it is beleived to be recorded in or on a 
variety of different media with the most base being nickel alloyed plates
etched with a 26.02W EULV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) process with a
resolution of 135 angstroms.

Seket Maat Heru - Ship Log:
875 >> Seket Maat Heru - a whisper from the long-loop

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