*     Space Station SAKURA     *

A space station, which has been mostly abandoned. Currently, there's only a few
people on it (compared to what it used to look like), maintaining systems and 
simply living. It used to be a mining base, however, the crew moved to the new 
station in another location and abandoned this one.

Currently, it has been mostly downscaled to reduce resources needed to run it 
and all the spaces have been converted for different purposes. Ore storages
have been converted to greenhouses, more comfortable living cabins, a workshop 
and a little newer equipment. Current is pretty obsolete as it comes to 
contemporary standards. However, the most of it is still in active use!

The station is powered by solar panels as a primary source of power. 
Secondary source are nuclear reactors cooled with liquid metal in primary 
coolant loop. 
Propulsion is based on thermonuclear engines as they've proven to be the most 
efficient. Fuel+oxidizer engines are kept as a backup. 
Hydrogen can be used as fuel for both engines and backup combustion generator.

When it comes to current usage, it mostly serves as a maintenance base and
a pretty old, big communication node. It still has storage space which can be 
used for freight, but as the station itself isn't the best when it comes to 
moving around the space, it's not used for trading as widely as before. 
The station has also been fitted with medical equipment in case of emergency 
calls from other ships.

There are two smaller units, both were freighters. One has been converted to 
a passenger ship for the current crew's needs. 

Sakura - Ship Log:
869 >> Sakura - Datalink fix - log 001

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