Her Majesty's Star Ship Lollipop, named and often referred to as
“The good ship" in the spirit of whimsy which inspired the Canadian
Dominion at its height, was launched by the Ministry of Space from
the Hongfu shipyards orbitting Titan on AS 4878 / 2181 CE.  The 
launch was officiated by Queen Nadie II herself.  While titularly a
Canadian mission, the ship played host to an intercommunitarian crew
under auspices of the recently organized Solar Community.  

The primary mission for HMSS Lollipop was as a secondary stage 
scout for scientific outpost implantation.  It was for a permanent
outpost of 500 standard anthropometres which the Canadian Dominion
had been granted conditional license by the SC Interstellar 
Consensus.  But it was tacitly understood that the Lollipop was to
investigate Proxima Centauri b for prospective Terran 
inhabitation.  It was the second such mission to PC since the ill 
fated Lunar Syndicate probe Sylvan had been destroyed in a stellar
flare in 4858 had caused most stakeholders to declare the PC system
unfit for Terran life.  However a reappraisal of the data recovered
by deep space telemetry stations suggested a potential for life yet
remained on Proxima Centauri b.

HMSS Lollipop held an intercommunal crew of 3^3/42 class Jia
robots, 108 humans, 5 Jovian Hurrumirr-subtype63, and 8 bottlenose 
dolphins.  Of these all but 15 were in hibernation.  The Patel-V 
hibernation tank was developped specially for the Lollipop mission,
enabling expected decantation mortalities to drop under 10% for the
first time.  There were also biotic wards of lesser sentients,
plants, fungi, robota, Jovianae, and microbae massing at 956 

The primary drive for traversing the 4.244 ly to Proxima Centauri
was one of the first Orion drives approved by the SC since WWIII
and the postbellum Compact had outlawed nuclear explosives within
the orbit of Plutocharon.  The Lollipop was expected to reach a 
midpoint speed of ~0.3c, with a ETT of ~28y. Ion propulsion and 
prototype Muon drives were to be used once in the PC system.

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