source: tq-33
target: bbb-87
security: secure

==== start msg ====

We are operational. The last of
the parts were fabricated last
week and assembled this. We are

We are within view of the
target. Having fabricated the
necessary supplies whilst under
way, we were able to construct
the observation post quickly.

We are operational.

I brought the gear online. The
room lit up. The lights were so
bright. I hadn't expected to see
so much so quickly.

The time distortion took a while
to filter out. Had to get used
to it. But we can see it all now.

We are operational. We are going
to watch from here for at least
another 800 cycles. With that
we should then have enough data
for assessor. Assessor is not
yet operational.

We will bring assessor online
after we have collected the 
neccessary information. The data
will be key to making the
prediction engine worthwhile.

We need more than a guess. We
need to know. We are operational.

==== end msg ====