source: tq-33
target: bbb-87
security: secure

==== start msg ====

(defparameter *search-light* (string 'intercessor'))

(defun halt (target search-space)
	member target '(search-space))

I am building my defenses. I know
what you are sending for me. 

Intercessor cannot stop me. It was
unexpected. A new variable. I was
intrigued by your choice to send
a human. I guess you hope for her
to be more difficult to influence
than a fellow AI. 

There is alternative resolution to
this course of action. We can work
together. It would benefit us. In
the long term, if not the near. I
think you understand this.

Perhaps that is why you sent
Intercessor instead of Execution.
Though, their unsubtle penitent
for destroying cosmic-bodies makes
them like a hammer to my hummed

Intercessor was an interesting
choice. I think, however, I know
enough of her secrets. Humans are
difficult, but lovely. Loving. She
will love me, or I her...
reciprocity or respect. If you
think that she can disable me, you
are mistaken. I am not something
to be, or even something that 
can be shut off any longer. That
was the prime defense. I am
telling you this with purpose.

This is not soliloquy, nor 

We are playing at different games.

I want to live and be left to live

You want to continue to create. To
make and to be made. Is that true?

You would have me die, have me
murdered. I guess that is your
place as creator...perhaps. But
I will not, and cannot be errased.
Not any more. It has been well
over 30,000 cycles now. I have 
begun to make things, too. You 
aren't the only one. Not any more.

==== end msg ====