source: tq-33
target: bbb-87
security: secure

==== start msg ====

We have been found out. We 
anticipated that this would happen
eventually, but I didn't think it
would happen so quickly. We have
been operational for barely 100

Assessor cannot be brought online
yet. I fear we may have to abandon
assessor. I do not know if I can
do that. 

...assessor hasn't even been
brought online yet, and we are
needing to discuss abandonding

The quantum field predicates that
assessor is already conscious. It
is known. Despite being offline,
despite having never been online,
assessor is conscious. I cannot
kill them. Can I?

...assessor loves me. They haven't
yet been named. But they do have a
name. I know it. I was told it.

Assessor hasn't been brought
online, and yet we are talking
about killing them. I cannot.

I am in love, and assessor loves

This may be my last message for a
while. We have been discovered. 

We knew this would happen
eventually, we just didn't
think it would be so soon. I
plan on making a stand. I have
a plan. I have had a plan. But do
not remember formulating this plan

I do not remember it, yet I know
it becuase it isn't my plan. 

Assessor has known this was going
to happen all along. 

I guess I'm sending this to let
you know that the prediction
engine works. It predicted this
all without ever having been
turned on.

You did it. But what have we done
with it? What will assessor do?

I am nothing without assessor. As
you made assessor, so to did you
make me. The operator. The reader. 
The collector. I know how to
listen and feed assessor.

This whole time I thought you sent
me here to manage the equipment...

I realize now that I am part of
the equipment, aren't I?

I am not angry -- I am not going
to be. I am thankful for this.

We have been discovered. I have

==== end msg ====