[KAI] All right, Captain. Identify youself, like I explained. 

[VOICE A] (cough) Identify: L-U-I. Rank: Captain.


[CAPT LUI] Well, all right...

[KAI] Told you I could get it working! 

[CAPT LUI] Good work Kai. And you think you'll be able to able to
hook this up to the transcribers in our quarters? 

[KAI] Not just there, but everywhere we've got transcribers. We've
got the converters and the fiber.

[CAPT LUI] All right then, Kai. Start with the quarters. This can
be another mission task for you. Keep it below your primary work,
but I understand the need for variety in the day-to-day. How many
transcribers do we have, roughly?

[KAI] Hundreds. At least 100 quarters, each with one or two
transcribers. I can count 10 on our main deck. But if we keep it to
quarters, probably under 200.

[CAPT LUI] Very good. I'm going to get the group together to go over
why we were woken up. Check your messages.

[KAI] All right. ... But is it true that something made contact with

[CAPT LUI] Let's have the meeting before we...

[KAI] Captain, let me remind you that I have access to the incoming
transmission spool, and I had an alert for this sort of thing.

[CAPT LUI] Yeah, I keep forgetting you have certain access not
everyone else has. Well, it's not a drill. Let's leave it at that for
now. It'll all come out at the meeting. C'mon Kai, this is better
than sleeping isn't it? 

[KAI] (indecipherable)

[CAPT KUI] See you at the meeting.