SOURCE: Outpost M-48
ORIGIN: Unknown
DESCRIPTION:Transcript of a history lesson conducted by prof.
Judith Carter on [REDACTED]

Alright everyone, settle down. In previous lesson I was talking
about this non-involvement law as well as the fact that merely
observing the civilizations from often gets you mixed results. So
we came up with a solution in form of Primitive Planets Observation
Agency. This pseudo-militaristic organization is responsible for
monitoring these primitive civilizations - once every 50 years, an
agent is sent down to the surface where their task is to blend in
with the locals, gather information and assess the civilization's
level of development. Since this is dangerous work, they're
accompanied by special Asimov-class androids to aid with
information gathering as well as offer some protection. Those
things are nasty piece of work - they've been designed to imitate
every physiological process down to little details, such as eating,
sleeping, breathing, even hair growth as well as some odor
emission. The illusion is almost perfect. Almost. Only skilled
observer would notice their expression being ever so slightly
stiffer than usual. Sometimes however, the physiology and anatomy
of locals is so different from humans, that we have to improvise a
little. In those cases, we construct a cyborg to be controlled
remotely. If you ever saw those ancient 2D movies like Avatar or
Surrogates - it's kinda like that minus the politics and ecology
problems as we're merely observers in this case.
Alright, I'm afraid that's all we have time for today. Thank you
for listening, if indeed you still are - I'm looking at you James -
and you're all dismissed.