Source: Outpost M-28

Attention all crew,
the existence of this facility is an insult to what our
civilization is supposed to stand for and it's continued existence
can no longer tolerated. I don't have anything against you people
though so I'm gonna give you a fair warning - you have 30 minutes
to evacuate. I am no terrorist, I am not going to kill anny
innocent people, but I did take control over all ASIMOV units, so
please, do yourself a favour and do not try to stop me - you really
don't want to waste your life for a company that uses tax-payers
money to conduct experiments on human "volunteers". Oh yeah, that
was supposed to be classified information. Oops. Anyways, if you
want to live, pack your shit and get the hell out before I'll blow
this damn box sky-high.
To all of you government types snooping on this comm channel -
Don't worry, you'll get what's coming for you. Soon enough. People
know. I took care of that. Don't try to hide. It's no point.