Subject: Audit report.
Type: Text/Plain
From: 1st tehnician, Steve Vaughan
To: Genna Riley

Hey boss,
As per standard lockdown procedures, me and boys have performed
audit on our equipment and systems. You can find the full version
in attachment. Here are a few highlights for the record though: We
checked the power supply equipment in effort to traceback the
instances of those power surges you mentioned and cross-checked
them with our logs. We had no luck trying to tell what was causing
them, all we know that those transmissions that were patched
through our QEC relay were a side-effect of something else. I had a
hunch and ordered the boys to check our bots. The spikes took place
at the same time, those things were downloading software updates.
The weird part is that no updates were scheduled or even released.
At least that's what the nerds from the CAMI told me. If I didn't
know any better I would say that somebody tampered with our
androids. But I'm just a technician, they don't pay me to do the
thinking around here... Anyways, I ordered all units in our
department to be shut down and investigated, just to be safe. Don't
want any crazy tin cans chopping up our crewmates now do we?