Source: Outpost M-28
Origin: Unknown
From: "Agent36" [DATA EXPUNGED]
To: "Contractor" [DATA EXPUNGED]
Subject: contract-257BCE
Hey, you guys asked my agency to gather some data about these
Asimov-class androids the PPOA uses to accompany their agents in
terrain. The data is mostly classified for obvious reasons. Not
sure what do you guys plan to do with that but that's none of my
business.  These androids are based on your standard Asimov models
with some extra bells and whistles unlike the models designated for
mass market. - Those extra bits are classified of course, but
that's why you contracted us for right?  Unlike the standard
models, these things have skin that mimics the human skin almost
perfectly, including pores and hair. You would have to take a
sample under a microscope to find out that it's fake. The mouth
cavity serves as small chemical lab that analyzes the samples of
food and drinks for toxins and based on medical records, it
determines whether or not the agent will be affected by them. The
"stomach" has small disintegrator unit which converts the food into
heat and light energy which is then recuperated and used to
recharge it's capacitors. This method is secondary however, their
primary method of staying juiced up is mostly solar energy with
photovoltaic panels hidden under the skin on it's and back. Later
models also have miniature cold-fusion generator stored in their
chest cavity. Their CPU is stored in cranium as well as their data
storage. There's also a transmitter allowing them to send the data
back to agency using agent's ship as a relay. Each agent has
implanted small radio broadcaster in their throat as well as
miniature receiver in their ear - allowing to communicate with
their android over distance.  There are some models equipped with
experimental psychic induction unit that's supposedly allowing them
to communicate with agent via telepathy - although that part is
questionable since as you may know science is conflicted in regard
of it's existence - if it does, then it is extremely limited to
small number of individuals but I digress. This series has been
discontinued shortly after. Since the nature of PPOA's operation is
dangerous, these bastards are packing. Newer models are equipped
with "sleep bombs" - those are glass-balls filled with this yellow
liquid that vaporizes instantly. The vapor effectively knocks out
any individual within the effective radius of 100 meters unless
they take antidote pill specifically created to negate such effect.
Aside from that they got some antibiotics, surgery equipment,
couple of syringes filled with various substances and medigel
dispenser stored in cavities located in thighs. As for offensive
capabilities - there's laser emitter hidden in right index finger,
servos and gyros to give it superhuman strength and ability in case
of close quarter engagements, and pair of antigrav modules that can
be used to carry agent to safety in case of emergency. Older models
had even mass disruptor cannon hidden in left forearm powerful
enough to disintegrate an entire house in an instant at it's
maximum power output. These gadgets however are pretty demanding on
energy so it's uses are limited. Later models have disintegrator
removed however due to a couple of instances violating
non-involvement law - see attachment. I guess somebody forgot to
mention to them that there are beasts out there which you can't
appease by scratching them behind ears, although the butterfly
effect caused by a historical figure literally blinking out of
existence in front of a crowd is probably good enough of a reason
to justify it's removal as far as non-involvement committee is

Alright that's about all I have been able to gather, for more
detailed informations see references attached to this message.  As
per our contract, send your payment at your earliest convenience
but no later than 30 days from receiving of this message. Detailed
instructions are enclosed in the attachment.