source: outpost M-48
author: Jack "Sarge" Carter
subject: Raiders and Bugs

Although there was noticeable communication barrier between me and
Emily, eventually I managed to teach her through gestures and
simple words. Given her wild nature, she's now somewhere between a
dog and a child. Although she doesn't talk beyond a couple of
whines, moans and "barks" she does learn pretty quickly. I'd call
that a progress.

We had to abandon our shelter about two days ago. Apparently our
presence has attracted some unwanted attention. Pirates. So it was
the two of us plus dog, armed with bow and spear, against a group
of at least 15 drunken bastards armed with firearms - ranging from
small handguns, machine pistols, and a couple of assault rifles. I
did have some nasty suprises prepared just for the certain
occasion, but I knew too damn well that we had no chances - That
was the bad news. The good news was that I finally found out what
was the source of those scratching and chittering noises we heard
during the night. Apparently the yelling and the gunfire had
disturbed the residents of those caverns I noticed earlier. Bugs.
Big, ugly and mightily pissed off bugs. Emily had brilliant idea of
turning the chaos up a couple of notches, grabbed a torch and
started a few fires, the crazy pyromaniac. When you're given an
ex-machina, you take it, so I grabbed Emily, whistled at Serina and
the three of us ran as fast as we could away from that shitshow. I
have a feeling the universe is going to keep throwing crap like
that at me until I either go crazy, die, or through some god damn
miracle I pull through and get off this forsaken rock...  Only time
will tell.