Source: Outpost M-28
Type: Communication log
Participants: James Addams, Genna Riley

--> Outgoing call from: James Adams <jadams@qec.Om28.gov>
--> to: Genna Riley <griley@qec.Om28.gov>
<Addams>: Come in Riley.
<Riley>: I'm here...
<Addams>: We've got a problem. Remember when I sent you that
message asking you to perform diagnostics and maintenance on your
comm array?
<Riley>: Yeah. Davis is still working on it. We haven't found
anything out of the ordinary. At least not in our hardware.
<Addams>: What about software? Has anyone checked terminals?
Perhaps some logs? Also. Why can't I connect to your network?
<Riley>: No idea, everything seems to be normal here. Other than
those energy spikes you mentioned. Best we can do is to wait and
try to trace the source when it happens.
<Addams>: About that...
<Addams>: Someone up the command chain has noticed. And the last
transmission has made them worried. Somebody has been using your
comm array to relay messages straight to SOL relay, which in turn
has broadcasted it's content in public. Anyone with the access to
it, can read it. I don't need to tell you that this was classified
<Riley>: So what? Somebody has done some corporate espionage and
leaked some sensitive information. Company won't have a monopoly
anymore and will now have to compete with others. No biggie.
<Addams>: No you don't understand! The management believes that
somebody from your department has sabotaged the facility and wants
me to shut you down and put you under arrest!
<Riley>: They what?! They can't do this! It's noone's fault!
<Addams>: I'm sorry Genna. I wasn't even supposed to contact you.
Look. I know you. We've worked together for years now and I doubt
that you would be responsible for such thing. But somebody has
compromised this facility's security, and we have to track them
down and fix this whole mess before it gets any worse.
<Riley>: ...
<Addams>: Look. I'm sorry.
<Riley>: The hell you are!
<Addams>: You know the procedure. The best you can do at the moment
is to cooperate. And please stay safe.
<Riley>: For the record, this is bullshit! But you're right. I'm
putting my department on lockdown. Nobody gets in, and nobody gets
out until we get to the bottom of this. I can't fucking believe
they would accuse me like this.
<Addams>: I knew I could count on you...
<Riley>: That's why you put me in charge...Riley out.
--> Genna Riley <griley@qec.Om28.gov> has ended the call.
---END LOG---