Source: A transcript from a journal.
Author: Jack Carter

I figured I'd write some kind of journal, to keep record of what
I've been through in case someone finds this...
Back on one of the glitterworlds, I decided to upgrade one of my
bionic implants. Seemed like standard procedure - I went under
anesthetics which was needed for surgery to take place. And then I
woke up. Naked. Inside of an escape pod, about to crash onto an
unknown planet in the ass-end of nowhere. Imagine being thrown into
a tumbledrier, thrown into a blender and then crushed into a pulp
with pneumatic hammer, combined with the cryosleep sickness. That's
how I felt. I have no idea how the hell did I manage to survive the
landing, but there I was, naked, confused, and feeling like shit.
Once I was done emptying the contents of my stomach I started to
assess my situation.
I was literally naked, on an alien planet with nothing on me what
so ever - hell Robinson ain't got shit on me - at least he had some
clothes. It was bad, but if I wouldn't be writing this journal if I
didn't make it. Go figure. The first few days was just a mad
scramble to just make it through to the next day. Building a
shelter, getting familiar with local flora and fauna, getting some
food, scavenging the most out of what was left of that escape pod
to create some makeshift weapons for protection - It was back to
stone-age for me.
The good news is that I'm not alone on this rimworld. The bad news
is that not everyone is exactly friendly. The damn place is filled
with raiders, primitive tribes - of which some of them seem to have
rather canibalistic tendencies, pirates, and literally explosive
wildlife - yes some animals have these big sacs/tumors on them that
are filled with extremely volatile liquid that has tendency to
explode if the sac is punctured with enough force - gotta aim for
the head, or at the very least keep your distance.
Other than that the things have been...manageable. I seem to have
landed in temperate forest, it's mid-spring here, there's plenty of
edible berries and fruits to forage as well as abundance of
wildlife for me to hunt. Whoever arranged for this sick joke must
be disappointed - they got rid of me, but if they thought the
wilderness would finish me off, they were wrong...