The Relic of Time - Ron New Beginning Part 1

Here he was, a relic of the earth - he died but was resurrected.
Nearly a thousand years later ... his name was Ron. He died
from lung cancer at age 55 in the year 2032 A.D. he died in a
hospice, and he thought it was it. He died as a broken man who
suffered from a severe mental illness all his life - and here
he is 1023 years later after his family had frozen his
remaining body. He was found like a king tot in a relic
Shuttle sent for research in the early 2100s A.D. A team
of Astro archeologists and doctors restored and resurrected him.
and now he was told the year was 3055 A.D., nothing remains
from planet Earth, and the human race has been scattered
among the stars...

He sat near a "computer" that the team at the station where
he now lives helped him set up - an old early 21st-century
computer with a Linux OS, a keyboard, a screen, and a mouse...
near him set his "assistant" who seemed human-like but told
him he is an AI android...

"call me Alex," his new assistant requested him. "I'll be
happy to help you in any way." 
He asked him if he could find a picture of his family...
his parents, something from his past... 
"I'll see what I can do," said Alex and walked away to the
"real computer" of the station and returned after a few minutes
with what seemed like a version of a "USB stick."

"This is all the data we could restore from the digital data
that was found in the ancient shuttle you were found in..."
said Alex.

They both plugged it into the "old computer," and 21.8 GB
of data was found, some of it badly damaged. Alex helped a
lot with finding "good quality data" of pictures and photos
from all the raw data... most of it was from the shuttle
personal crew data from around the year 2100s A.D. 

Ron looked at the pictures of cities from the earth and also
family pictures of the Suttle's crew personal data files
along with ... music that was popular back then, some
electro-rap or classical ambient music he didn't recognize
non of it so he asked Alex to stop...

"I'm sorry, Ron," said Alex "That's the best we could do".

Ron looked sad at Alex but then asked, "Do you have any data
regarding 20th or 21st-century Art?"

"Art?" asked Alex. "Sure, we have some data."

"let me choose one art image of a painting," said Ron, "and
then hard print it and give it to me as a framed picture
to hand near my bedroom wall."

"very well," said Alex.

It took a few days for Ron to select an image of an old
amateurish painting from the 1990s. The painter was unknown
- it was a painting of some green valleys with a blue cloudy
sky and some buildings and people in the background.

He received it as a sticky framed picture, and Alex helped
him glue it above his bed...

"why did you ask for it? Why do you want it above your bed?"
asked Alex.

"my mother was an amateurish painter, and all the walls in
my parent's home were full of her paintings," explained Ron.

"I see," said Alex.

It was time to sleep Alex said goodnight and "sleep well" and
left Ron's personal quarters the lights dimmed out.

Ron lay down in his bed, and from the windows galaxies and
stars shined through and he thoughts about the world he left
behind him - in a sense he was a relic from old Earth he died
and was now resurrected while everyone he knew back then
was dead no more old places and old politics of the earth -
his country was no more so was his people or religion no more
all that has remained was people scattered across the stars,
but he still misses his mom and dad his lost childhood and youth
but now what laid before him? An unknown future maybe he should
ask if there are others like him - people who died in the past
but were frozen and resurrected back to life - Alex said he'll
try to find more data mabout it but it's very rare... 

In this unknown future, he was explained that there is no
money or property and no famine or crime - go figure... he asked,
"Who is the leader of your nation?" and Alex smiled and
answered, "There are no nations or leaders. Everything is
run by AI."  

Ron slipped into a deep sleep and, for a while, dreamt he
was with his family somewhere on the green field near 
where he was brought up as a child...

(to be continued)...