STARDATE: 732538.7973110096
GREGORIAN DATETIME: 3055-07-16 MON 15:20

Interviewer:  hello, and thank you for agreeing to do this
Ron: my pleasure, sure, just let's make it short
and sweet
Interviewer: ok so... what was it like compared to today's
time to live on Earth?
Ron: to be honest it feels like from what I'm told that most of
what was important back then on earth in the 20th or 21st century
seems now like old nonsense
Interviewer: do you have examples?
Ron: Sure... old earth politics of the nations of earth or the
main religions of earth it seems like ancient history... it seems
to me you pretty much solved all those old conflicts and problems
and moved on with your future
Interviewer: can you be more specific?
Ron: (sign) Well, look at the nation I was born in - the state of
Israel in the middle east  - it's gone along with the arab
- israeli conflict along with the Israeli politics of right
and left parties in the parliament alongside the Jewish
religion or Islam religion alongside with terror acts and
wars and protestors and anti-democratic laws what I'm trying
to say what was thought to be so important those days now
seems irrelevant...
Interviewer: and is that good or bad in your eyes?
Ron: I don't know for sure, but it's good that we, as humans,
have moved on from all those old conflicts. Now we have the
whole universe to settle in, no more conflicts about territory,
and science and technology have replaced religious fanaticism.  
Interviewer: do you miss the old earth?
Ron: I miss the good thing about it, not the bad ones
Interviewer: such as?
Ron: my family friends, and people I knew...
Interviewer: anything else?
Ron: (sign) I miss going to burger king and grabbing a burger,
some potato chips, and coca cola. I miss smoking real tobacco
cigarettes. I miss the old Israeli folk music my parents used
to listen to and music from the 1980s and 1990s my friends and
I used to like I miss my home town and going to visit my relatives
in Jerusalem - stuff like that.
Interviewer: is there anything that you feel bad about?
Ron: I feel bad for all the people in my time who were stuck
in their old problems and could not look at the future and the
stars above them I wish earth people in my time would have
invested more effort and  resources in conquering and settling
the stars and universe instead of fighting stupid wars against
each other - I wish more people could find a way to get out of
the earth and find a new home in the off-world colonies 
Interviewer: one last question what do you think about today's
time and period?
Ron: I feel like we are living in an early 20th-century sci-fi
book by Asimov or on a star trek series episode
Interviewer: and is that good or bad?
Ron: I don't know, but I'm fine with it...