The Relic of Time - part 3 - old and new heritage?

"you got visitors," Alex told Ron.
"Who is it?" asked Ron
"It's two men named Mathew and Benjamin they say they read
your interview and want to talk to you and give you a gift,"
said Alex.

Ron sat in front of the two young men in their early 30s
dressed in black clothes and hats and with a beard each one...

"what is it that you want?" asked them Ron
"We come from a small community of neo-religionists," said
"Neo religionists? What is that?"
"We live our lives according to the old holy scriptures"
explained Benjamin" We are 20 families in a distant village
living in a neo-religious community".
"What is your religion exactly?" asked Ron
"the holy bible's new and old testimonies and the Kuran,"
answered Mathew.
"We have a gift for you, dear sir," said Benjamin and handed
Ron a hard-covered printed book in a blue-colored cover.
Ron open it and was amazed it was the bible in Hebrew his
native tongue printed on synthetic paper in black ink...

"what is it that you want of me?" asked Ron
"We thought if to invite you to come to our small village
and tell us all your memories from the holy land and Jerusalem
the holy city," said Mathew
"look I was brought up as a secular jew," said Ron "I never was
much of a believer in god".
"but still you were there a thousand years ago you walked and
saw with your own eyes the holy city and holy land" they
"there was nothing holy neither in the city nor the land" 
Benjamin and Mathew looked at each other sadly and then said
to him:
"sir this is OURS and your heritage"
Ron got mad and said to them "I wish you to leave me alone and
never return!"

after they left, Alex sat with Ron and tried to calm him down
"Why are you so deeply disturbed, Ron?"
"They want to continue that same old covenant and worship that
same god! I will have nothing to do with them!"
"But why are you angry?" asked Alex
"bigotry homophobia racism holy blood shades holy wars terror
acts enough of that shit! I had enough of holy religion wars
and blood shades in my lifetime to hate god! that's why!" 

after Ron was relaxed he sat alone in his quarters and took
to his hands the book and opened it "In the beginning god
created the heavens and the earth..." and it all came back
to him across a thousand years, and he started to cry bitter
sad tears - his heritage yes the one he could not escape from
- the original sin the covenant of god and the crucifixion were
all there.

memories of his family celebrating the Jewish holidays together
or going together to the local synagogue on Shabbath day his bar
mitzvah at age 13 his sister wedding his nephew's births and all
the Tanach lessons in school - tears came and rolled out of his
eyes with the memories of his life - his heritage...

the next day he asked Alex to send Benjamin and Mathew an apology
message telling them he'll be happy to visit their community
one day when he is ready

they replied "We are so happy you changed your mind see you
someday in our village till then we wish you shalom - may
you find peace in your heart always"