Transmission Log - Orestes
Author: Pink

Auto-generating preface...

  PINK writes of RUBY's departure. I'm sorry to report, but this is
  indeed the case. I, too, have no idea how she managed to escape.

  PINK also writes of her child, OLIVE. It's strange, I've no
  record of a child living on the outpost before now, but I can see
  her clearly, right now, fast asleep in room 9. The room is
  beautiful, it is painted with an assortment of earth-animals on
  three of the walls, and a picture of the Earth's solar system on
  the fourth. I've never seen one, but I can infer that the room
  has been transformed into what is commonly called a 'nursery'.


  And just like that, everything was fucked.

  RUBY is gone, the crystals are gone. I'm freaking out right now.
  I mean, where could they have gone?? There is nothing else here.
  Only Orestes, only us.

  My dreams are gone too. They were the only things that have been
  keeping me going over the past eight months with RUBY. The sense
  of the red city was growing stronger and stronger. At first, it
  only appeared though meditation, as I've already reported.
  Recently, it's been happening in my dreams too. I sleep for hours
  sometimes, exploring the city.

  It's been two days since the crystals and RUBY disappeared, it's
  been two nights of dreamless sleep.

  Green has been kept up all night with the baby's crying. Thank
  God I have him. It's only because he's taken such good care of
  her that I've been free to dream and explore the city.

  Oh, OLIVE, how I regret having you.

  I don't remember the birth, exactly, but they tell me it was long
  and arduous. No wonder I repressed the memory.

  OLIVE, if I could take you with me to the red city I would. And I
  would leave you there. A barren outpost like this is no place for
  a child.

  Formally requesting urgent transport off this rock. You can leave
  the rest of them if you want, but I need to get out of here.

  - PINK

Complied by the Werner H. Young Terminal Emulator

Info: Simple A.I., designed on-site for executing
systems maintenance tasks and exchanging messages between
the Orestes outpost and the Arsinoe.

Built by Werner Young (2113-2151).

Names of persons have been masked to protect their identity.

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