Transmission Log - Orestes
Author: Pink

Auto-generating preface...

  An update about the new visitor from PINK. She exhibits signs of
  jealousy that even a rudimentary A.I. like me can pick up on.
  Although, perhaps all forms of jealousy are easy to spot? It's an
  unfamiliar human emotion to me. My designer did provide me with
  some datasets for things like resentment, aggression, depression,
  love, melancholy, etc. All the things that might cause issues in
  a small outpost like Orestes. It seems jealousy is simply an
  unsophisticated combination of all these things.

  Please send me some jealousy datasets so I can update my
  predictions accordingly.

  The new outpost-member does indeed show promise with regard to
  researching the crystals. I haven't been able to brute-force her
  QEC transmitter yet, but the attack is in-progress. I will have
  infiltrated her communications within two weeks and will
  send you her private thoughts on the crystals as soon as I can.


  She's only been here a week but already everything has changed.

  She seems nice.

  Ugh, no, she doesn't. I'm suspicious of her.

  She doesn't spend much time with us as a group (although, we
  rarely spend time with each other as a group these days).

  She seems to prefer 'one-on-one' time with us.

  Mostly with GREEN.

  Not that I mind. I just find it unusual.

  Sometimes, when GREEN notices me watching them together, huddled
  close, her hand casually resting on his forearm, he shoots me a
  reassuring glance. I hate it. He has nothing to reassure me
  about.  We aren't - weren't - 'together'. He's an idiot

  I don't even see her as a threat. Yes, she is very beautiful.
  But, she is so *weird*. She treats him more as a father, which is
  ridiculous. GREEN is practically a man-child. He would be a
  terrible father.

  I don't mean that. I suppose he has his charms. He is good at
  remaining calm and taking time to reflect on things. It's not
  such a bad thing to impart onto a child. Still, he likes watching
  ancient re-runs of 'Stephen Universe' which, as far as I can
  gather from the 5 or so minutes I could stand of it, is a
  children's cartoon-show.

  I do enjoy my conversations with her. I guess that's why GREEN is
  drawn to her too. He appreciates the kinds of things she has to
  offer - good, deep conversations, a warm heart, a pleasant

  Maybe he likes her.

  I mostly talk about my work with her. She's endlessly curious
  about it. I suppose it's only natural. Prior to crash-landing on
  our little rock, she was a botanist, traveling from planet to
  planet studying alien plant-life on behalf of some private

  She was the sole crew member of her ship. She says she still
  doesn't understand why she was so off-track when she accidentally
  hyper-jumped into our little orbit. Whatever cause the navigation
  error seemed to cause a series of chain-reactions and eventual
  system failure. She was lucky to survive the crash.

  Not much else survived. Nothing from the wreckage that could
  back-up her story.

  She carries a personal little QEC transmitter that sends
  encrypted messages back to her home base. She's already contacted
  them to say she'll be taking a little sojourn here. How
  presumptuous of her!

  She's taken by the crystals. She wants to study them further.
  She was surprised they weren't already on her radar. She has even
  begun to convince GREEN of their potential.

  She asked us if she could stay, not that we had much of a choice.
  We haven't heard from you for so long now, we're pretty much
  convinced you've disappeared into that black hole at the edge of
  this star system. You know the one.

  Seriously though, what should we do about her? Some guidance here
  would be great. I advise letting her join our team for a while.
  In spite of my personal reservations about her, professionally
  she seems more than capable of contributing real value to our
  little study.

  A new pair of eyes on the crystals couldn't hurt. I just wish
  they weren't such damn pretty eyes.

  - PINK

Complied by the Werner H. Young Terminal Emulator

Info: Simple A.I., designed on-site for executing
systems maintenance tasks and exchanging messages between
the Orestes outpost and the Arsinoe.

Built by Werner Young (2113-2151).

Names of persons have been masked to protect their identity.