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date = 4531-09-07-06-23
from = stid1003@malu@244.21
to = central@rs001@4.0
importance = low
note = as related by unknown malic sage - translation may contain errors

The cat ruled from the empty city. She had gold and silver, and the city was
hers. Her territory stretched far: east to the mountains, west to the land just
before the river hills, north to the Great Freshwater, and south to the land
inhabited by the cat who had given her the scar on her left ear. She lived under
the Tower of Humankind, and she hunted from there, roaming far and returning to
her city every four weeks or so.

It was on her return from one of these roaming periods that she saw them. She
was walking along the ridge when she caught their scent, and as it was new to
her she followed it. She reached them in an hour.  She came to a brook, and
there they were, walking beside it: four strange creatures that stood on their
hind legs and seemed to be always making noise. They confused her. They were
not prey, and they were not hunting. Three of them were loud and careless, and
the fourth seemed inexperienced, but somewhat competent. At least he saw her -
the others didn't seem to know she was even there. She did not know what to make
of them.

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