~~~ Begin_Transmission :|>>>
Ship Status: Operational
Ship Calendar: Armelin
     > Quarter: 2
     > Day: 59
     > Year 23
     > 23h 43m 3.0986s
     > -23 15' 02.1663"
     > -14h 16m 45.684s
     > 12 67' 45.789"
     > Type: log
     > Title: Arrival

This is the captain of the Laveer, after twenty three years in hyper space 
we've dropped into the outer edges of our target solar system and begin to make 
the long journey towards our new home. As those reading know our mission is 
simple, establish a new outpost on planet 66790 Eterbose. We're still a ways 
out, so visuals aren't the best, but from what we can pickup on the ships 
scopes it appears the planet does indeed sit within the goldilocks zone of the 
solar system. The start is a G class just like sol back home. That's not where 
the similarities end though, we're getting good atmospheric readings, the mix 
is a little nitrogen rich, but we'll adapt to it as needed, at least that's 
what the folks in biochemical are telling me. We're also seeing a gas giant in 
the outer zone, a thin asteroid belt on the outermost edges, and a handful of 
other planets, small things either too far in or too far out. Nothing that 
interesting outside of the raw materials they may some day provide.

We're jubilent over here, it's a touch ride packed tight into a tin can like 
this, no ability to communicate with anyone back home inside of Hyper really 
puts a damper on things. But this is it! Our first transmission home! It'll be 
a while before anyone reads it, but rest assured we're safe and all systems 
checked out perfectly as soon as we dropped out. We're celebrating this evening 
while we drift into the system.

Its been so long I'm not even certain what to put into one of these messages. 
You all know exactly how bad hyper is, I don't need to belabor the point, just 
boy does it feel good to say anything and have someone hear!

- Capt. Atticus

~~~ <<<|: End_Transmission