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       ....ll disposed as well, to matters a-esthetical,
I sing love songs to moons both in circle and elliptical,
About their craters and their phases with my lyrics I'm quite loose,
Bragi's here in your system to sing, and to share whatever you choose.

And now, a masterpiece composed by the famous Martian artist, Betty
Romero; composed during a forced labor sabbatical spent at Gale Colony
just as Mars began to stir about independence.


      We scanned the area of Outpost RT4J
In fact so far from the universe
      Until recently, it also knows no limits
      They cross over to the system
Some of you soon so we forgot our prayers and forgot our duties
      I still wish to exterminate some other family
As a result, at least for them
      And you were when Signor Don Issachar arrived
We are, in a village where no shadows fall.

The Friar before he creeps into his hole?
Do they show themselves so much importance
      At present, when there is some serious gees.
Medusae pushed its way through decontamination procedures at launch
      I should have for their deployment, all is so new.
The damn ship and he accorded him his brother, his saviour
      The veil is built around him far and wide.
      You had hoisted it up with them where art thou?
How they translated these writings into the fifth hour with all guilt

      I've been doing all this.
Somebody complied with their cards
      Knowledge more than anything else in our distant past
      He came in via a Sallee corsair
Swooped down and walked back into place
      For these are associated with conditions
It's not perfect but it will be able to live in fear eternal.
      It is their arrogance that brought me back
In accordance with the gravity here, too
      But I tell you about it

It's hard to domesticate.
      Dear sister, I am not optimistic.
Do we not in the storm-cloud of the Baron into the nethers.
      You are not pessimists!
If we make use of Earth Navy frigates
      That's when it had been sent to Buenos Ayres.
We have a pleasure speaking with you, remain small together!
      Where there is such a test is so amazing!
May God have mercy on their degree of pain
      We splash about in mating
And we philosophers--we really should be relatively straight forward.

      Pray that your own patience
      Can continue on our way of intelligent life.
It must do in space.
      And on every ship in Mars orbit at once.
Similar to the death of one race!
      I was thinking about that on Thursday!
In truth, we did for the abatement of rashes.
The real trouble started when I started to do it
      I am here with her free hand.
I did some scans, but I practiced for a bill
      to extend that embargo to Luna,
      Candide and Cacambo as they perform their duties.
At least there are no feeds in the lock, and to her own
We don't want to live and grow!
      The dog snout and yellow on the trip
      To us who try to stand up again
      I pulled on my last message
And those as a collective hobby several years back to the animals
                                                      with speech

      Lab units are set to wide-band electromagnetic spectrum
The Egg offers pretty much anymore from a bull's pizzle
      She lured men and periods are so fond of Milton
      Four soldiers stood opposite to my advantage
God willing, we will arrive to a task.
      Sara was already hard at work, and cursed his destiny.
Something went wrong with the assumption that all became clear.
      First, she tried to stand up again
We do not make war, they make in Holland.
      I'm not twisted, I'm not the same time
In another generation or two, they'll be as clear as I can.
      The Will is the outbreak of solipsism
Will you do take stories, maybe you could probably call it poison.
      Instead, they asked for a while.
Then followed the old man who thinks it settled.

Bragi's here in your system to sing, and to share whatever you choose.
Broadcasting on many frequencies every 86,400 seconds. Bragi-125926

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