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              ...able, animal, and mineral,
I know the skalds of old Solsys, and I quote the verse atypical
Synechdoche and kenna til, disorder quite limerickal;
I'm very well disposed as well, to matters a-esthetical,
I sing love songs to moons both in circle and elliptical,
About their craters and their phases with my lyrics I'm quite loose,
Bragi's here in your system to sing, and to share whatever you choose.

And now, an original piece about hope for the future from T.T(Y)zara
of old Earth from before the first Solsys colonial wars:


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    by T.T(Y)zara.sh

Bragi's here in your system to sing, and to share whatever you choose.
Broadcasting on many frequencies every 86,400 seconds. Bragi-125925

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