Date : 2178.03.14
Time : 16:14:29 EDT
location : <Unknown>
Source : QEC-v1.0


It was a beautiful evening, but I was so done.
Had to work extra hard today, because two of my
mates were sick of inhaling this stupid dust. It's
a hard life we got. But in our lives there are only
a handful of options left. We can join the army,
we can kill our selves or we can dig, like we do now.
I am not a fan of military. I have seen enough
violence for this life.
But anyway when I was walking towards my home, today
I saw two flying machines. Those new ones, I heard
they can even take you to the moon. But anyway I saw
there is gonna be a second group of people leaving to
mars. Well they are of course those crazy rich and
powerful people. May be they want a good start to
wipe off the blood in their hands.
Ohw and I read that those passengers will be put to
sleep or something while travelling.
I thought Americans losing the war would make us
have better lives. Now I think it's a big damn fantasy.

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