FROM: root@gaudium
TO: *
DATE: 2257/9/14


    The ship is in disarray, and I send this message along with others to
preserve our records.  This particular message is a report of some storm
on Mars; we have not been that way for a century or so, but the records
remain and with luck will remain.


    Captain, you know, we have lost contact with the Russian colony on
Mars, but as far as I am aware, you have had no report as to the reason.
I hope with this letter to elighten you as to the cause of this.

    A few weeks ago, you and the council had me posted on Mars for
diplomatic reasons.  Those Russians had made something beutiful: a domed
city with all the luxuries from Earth which we have come to miss.  I went
with Mr. Grigorievich to play golf; you might not even have heard of golf,
but it is a thing to behold.  Having never golfed before, I lost, but it
was still enjoyable.  After this, we did a number of other things, but
after all was done, I made my way to the hotel room the council had
provided me.

    That night, although it was dark, all people saw and worried about a
sand storm rising in the south.  The dome generally protected all from such
storms, but this storm had somehow carved many small cracks into the dome,
and larger cracks were forming.

    I saw all that was happening, and I knew, if I was to live, I would have
to gain access to a ship.  Although what I am about to write will incriminate
me, I will hide from you no detail, and I understand, if you belive, I am due
some punishment, for I belive, I am deserving of this.

    I made my way to the nearest ship; it belonged to an old man given a name
which sounded like Mark and clad in white from head to toe.  Outside his
abode, dozens of men, women, and children lined up hoping he would help them
escape.  I saw both the ship and the masses, and I knew there would be no
room for me in that ship.  Knowing this, I broke into the house from the back
way.  I killed Mark, and I did not even help those poor souls just outside his

    I launched the ship, and flew until yesterday, when I arrived upon the
Gaudium.  As I left through a massive hole the storm had cracked into the
dome, I saw the sands rush in, and I saw them kill those poor people.  Do
what you will with me, for I know, whether or not you condemn me, God will.

Awaiting my fate, former officer Ottis Dale