# =================================================================== META === #
Document_Type			: QEC-Voice-Transmission-Log
Relay_Station			: RS001
Transceiver+Type/ID/CNAME	: Outpost/dmo.241/Hamilton

# ============================================================= TRANSCRIPT === #
[lot01](tx): Relay Station Operator, Relay Station Operator, this is Dark
	     Matter Observatory Hamilton. Come in. Over.
[lot02](rs): DMO Hamilton, this is RS001 Operator. Go Ahead. Over.
[lot03](tx): Operator, Hamilton is requesting stream block verification. Over.
[lot04](rs): Hamilton, this is Operator. Ten Four. Prepare for sync. Over.
[lot05](tx): Operator, this is Hamilton. Standby. Over.
[lot06](tx): ...
[lot07](tx): Operator, this is Hamilton. Endpoint ready. Over.
[lot08](rs): Hamilton, this is Operator. Checksum looks good, your fingerprint
	     seems to have changed since the last transmission though. Please
	     confirm and initiate retrust. Over.
[lot09](tx): Operator, this is Hamilton. Affirmative. I transferred to Hamilton
	     just yesterday and haven't had time to update my keys yet.
	     Proceeding with handshake now. Over.
[lot10](rs): Hamilton, this is Operator. No worries, I'll let you know when the
	     update is done. Standby. Over.
[lot11](rs): ...
[lot12](rs): Dorothy is that you?
[lot13](tx): Um, er, ... guess so. Who is asking?
[lot14](rs): Dotty, this is Ludwig.
[lot15](tx): Lu? No way. I thought you where ... what are you doing at
[lot16](rs): Well, you know sometimes things get ... complicated.
[lot17](tx): Why do I get the feeling that you should have said dealing with
	     people gets complicated? How is she doing?
[lot18](rs): Better I guess, but ... you know her.
[lot19](tx): So, operations, living the dream ha?
[lot20](rs): It's not that bad. Having time to think about things is actually
	     kind of great right now. Besides, the pay is alright and maybe I
	     can save up, to finally get my own thing going.
[lot21](tx): Take your time, but don't get lost in your thoughts. If you need
	     some distraction, you should take a look at the data I just
	     synced. This really might be something.
[lot22](rs): Hmm, what is it?
[lot23](tx): Remember those helix tests we ran at the collider?
[lot24](rs): How could I've forgotten all those wasted months. We should have
	     stopped trying to proof those pointless theories way before they
	     split up the team.
[lot25](tx): That's the thing. I think our work back then was neither wasted
	     time nor pointless theories. This must sound a little bit weird
	     but listen. We never figured out why the numbers always converged
	     in a similar way, with the same jumbled up results at the end. But
	     what if there wasn't really any way to derive a meaningful result.
[lot26](rs): We always saw a decrease in entropy and never found repeating
	     structures. You especially believed that our setup must have been
	     flawed or we were dealing with a chaotic system. What made you
	     change your mind?
[lot27](tx): I didn't change my mind about the things you just said. Consider
	     this though. What if our assumptions about the medium were all
	     wrong? Maybe our concept of a data layer isn't really supposed to
	     work like we thought. Could it be, that due to the way the system
	     is structured, you'd need another layer to actually work on the
	     data for decoding it?
[lot28](rs): Well, sounds plausible but how would we access this additional
[lot29](tx): I don't think we can, at least not with the technology we've got
	     going at the moment. Right now, we're stuck with our monkey
[lot30](rs): What do you mean?
[lot31](tx): It's like a monkey typing away on a keyboard. Sure some letters
	     will appear on the screen and in very rare cases, also words could
	     form, but the monkey isn't able to derive meaning from it. The
	     words are there, but no chance on decoding it.
[lot32](rs): Fair enough. Point made. It's an interesting thought, I grant you
	     that. But this feels like a dead end to me. You're saying even if
	     your hunch turns out to be correct. We would never be able to use
	     the system due to our lack of tools, so how can we establish a
[lot33](tx): There's no need to do this. I'm not interested in repeating what
	     we did at the collider.
[lot34](rs): I don't get it. What's the point in...
[lot35](tx): Haven't had your coffee yet?
[lot36](rs): Well honestly, I've got some not too shabby hangover from last
	     night going on, so...
[lot37](tx): That bad ha? Listen, spare some of whatever made your head spin
	     and we'll have one together after my rotation at Hamilton. In the
	     meantime get it together and imagine this. What if someone else
	     also made the same observations like we did back then, but wasn't
             that keen on trying to fix something, that needn't to be fixed.
[lot38](rs): Hmm... is there, ... I mean. If you don't care about, ... then
	     there's always the possibility to. No you're kidding right? Come
	     on, are you really making me believe, that someone used it as a
	     binary encoding storage?
[lot39](tx): Monkey won't read, but Monkey either sees stuff on the screen or
[lot40](rs): But this is one of the most inefficient ways how to do this. And
	     why go through all that trouble with an ephemeral storage anyway?
[lot41](tx): Someone found a way to make it persistent.
[lot42](rs): What?
[lot43](tx): Look at the timestamp. I marked this last week and when I came to
	     Hamilton, it was still there. Lu, you need to have a look at the
	     stuff I just handed in. When do you think processing will be
[lot44](rs): With the current schedule we've got going on, your block won't be
	     pipelined before next week I'd assume. But I still got my own gear
	     around, since the trip didn't happen. Just send me the dump again.
[lot45](tx): Awesome! On the way.

# =================================================================== DATA === #
00000000: 116b 30fe 38fb be3a 2621 51b8 6c2e 8ba9
00000010: f7af cb83 888c 068d 5f18 5d3d 6dac 64ff
00000020: 6279 4868 3739 562b e67d 4927 936f 4212
00000030: f2c0 9382 af0a b4c3 d04d a8fe b628 7f27
00000040: 0ef9 a485 762d 1e00 d560 a9b6 c6ad 5254
00000050: e271 7fd1 9038 6ca1 6fd9 bc58 5617 9684
00000060: d893 d2aa 2009 88d0 c4bd c262 1215 d58b
00000070: 78b3 04bb 5885 63ff c86e e2c1 f745 7689
00000080: 0862 76d2 4013 9660 89dc 94c4 1e2f a50c
00000090: e7f2 bbaf 7935 e081 ee52 40bc 90cd e9ce
000000a0: 209f b326 0f26 a8bc 62c2 a984 3e3c 74d7
000000b0: 9600 9b1b 8aac 4f0e 952c d83a a69e 9972
000000c0: 86a8 9823 4c2a 5447 5368 4ca4 e229 a6ba
000000d0: b257 0bcc 3bca 6367 8dac 1c0e 2b2c 5bef
000000e0: 6865 6c6c 6f2c 2077 6f72 6c64 2120 7069
000000f0: 6e67 206d 6520 7669 6120 636f 736d 6963
00000100: 2e76 6f79 6167 6540 7961 6b62 6172 6265
00000110: 722e 6f72 678f e4c0 89c1 0b63 814f e76f
00000120: 3add f28e bec5 b6dd f561 b848 82c3 99d7
00000130: 574f 42f0 5bd6 2c7d 4bed 912c 02de 27c1
00000140: cfd0 fc80 45d8 6966 bbc3 26a4 602f 73a4
00000150: 486c 1b7c f563 2c46 6fd7 419a ad95 f3c8
00000160: 086e 5a8b 38ab 9a09 11b7 8268 60a0 3aa8
00000170: 3d2c 0f7f 5a70 381a 6104 df57 d372 2aa3
00000180: 0f41 f5f9 30bc f23e fcf0 80d0 16f7 0e8a
00000190: 357b 5b89 2994 d533 976b 8f19 3e83 77a9
000001a0: a0b5 8501 7788 7c51 2738 2da4 5560 4e8f
000001b0: bef5 b470 65be cd12 db27 a74c ebd4 abc0
000001c0: 8555 62c9 a964 38ab abaa 565a 62a1 75bb
000001d0: d7cf 1cbc b6ec 7fa2 f78c e8c1 7d3f 9ad9
000001e0: 0161 43ac 7b55 9e51 739e 6ee0 29e5 2560
000001f0: 00c9 fdf7 79b3 13ce fb53 70c6 74ca 4c1a

# ============================================================= TRANSCRIPT === #
[lot46](rs): Alright, what am I looking at?
[lot47](tx): To be honest, I don't have a real clue yet. But the entropy
	     signature looks damn close to what we came up with at the
[lot48](rs): It kind of smells like tech they were working with in the old days
	     back on earth. Know what? Let me do some digging. Maybe I can find
	     something in the archives that looks similar to this. It will take
	     some time though, the downlink on RS001 is kind of crowded lately.
[lot49](tx): I'm not going anywhere soon here on Hamilton. Lu, I really
	     appreciate that you're helping me out here. And what I said about
	     the drink, ... I'm really looking forward to it.
[lot50](rs): Me too. See you soon. RS001 Over.
[lot51](tx): Bye. Hamilton Over and Out.