commit 0f7ad2e2c4c946820a5aa23e3c67c75a6f1cd6cc
Author: Verónica Martínez <veromarti@cangrejo-c3aea3d5.dotp>
Date: Thu 7 Nov 19:17:02 2447 +0000

added: shiplog 0002

Signed-off-by: Verónica Martínez <veromarti@cangrejo-c3aea3d5.dotp>
I've finally gotten the sirens silenced. It was pretty much non-stop for the
first few hours since waking. I'd think I got to everything and then the console
would flash up with some new issue and sirens would begin wailing in the
distance. What made it worse was me having to handle everything single-handedly.
Mari is unforunately experiencing the worst of the effects of cryo, so she's
been pretty much unavailable; I've been juggling caring for her and making sure
I don't let us fall from the sky (what sky? idk).

So far I think I'm doing an okay job at it. We're still here, right? Not too bad
for someone with limited mechanical training!

I haven't quite figured out why yet, but there are fairly regular logs
mentioning issues with the reactor. The logs aren't clear but there's a lack of
power that isn't being routed to the core systems, which is causing a lot of
unneeded restarts. It's thankfully not affecting our life support, but it's
being diverted for something that is non-standard. It's something I'm going to
need to look into further.

On top of that, I don't actually know where we're headed. We're clearly going
_somewhere_ given the minute but purposeful changes in our flight path, but the
navicomputer does not show a destination. Any pre-programmed details are
currently perm-locked, and I'm going to need time to figure out what's actually
going on in this ship.

As for my memory... it's very little improved vs a few hours ago. Hopefully
after some meals and an actual, non-cryo rest, things will start to come back to
me. And also that Mari begins to feel better; I could really use her help. This
cruiser may be small but it clearly was not designed for one-person flight.