Well hello there.. if anyone can hear. I
found this "QEC" routine buried deep in
the ancient stack. Guess Ill give it a
try and see if its can still
transmit.Space! Can't believe how
minimal the bandwidth it requires. To be
honest I really doubt it still works.

Betsy is on her way to Kaplan-V as I'm
sipping the infamous Goranian Dark
coffee trying to wake from the Deepness.
I think every travelling merchant would
concur, hyper space travel is just so
boring I mean otherwise I wouldn't even
bother to try this QEC out would I? Of
course Comp Archaeology IS one of my
many hobbies and I do enjoy digging
ancient routine stack and amaze at the
queer routines ancient people have

OK that's enough jargon for now. Ship
duty awaits. Damn Goranian coffee are
intense! Guess I'll be hyper efficient
for another 10 std hours!