[TITLE]    -> [farewell]
	[FROM]     -> [astra-7]
	[DATE]     -> [1970/MAR/15/4h-14m-12s]

astra-7 login: asdf
password: ***

	Authentification unavailable
	Dropping to debug shell
	Logging shell I/O
	endpoint:       astra-7
	uptime:         1 minute and 39 seconds
	date:           Thu Jan  1 00:01:39 1970
	location:       ERR_NO_LOC_MODULE

debug$ qec status
	00000 - QEC module wakeup (astra-7)
	00023 - (astra-7) Connection request for (RS001)
	00430 - (RS001) Connection established
debug$ qec msg RS001
	You have initiated a direct connection with the main relay hub.
	Entering public broadcast mode.
	<QEC> log start
	<QEC> attach debug
	<QEC> attach text
-----[END ATTACHMENT]-----

-----[BEGIN MESSAGE]-----
hello there - to whoever is reading, this is ship astra-7 of the astral1
expedition. we were subject to a cryo malfunction a couple days ago and the
entire population had to undergo EWP. half of us woke up, half didn't. there's
something wrong with the system computer: sensors reporting incorrect data,
memory corrupted, unresponsive hardware - all of the bad signs. luckily, the
QEC is working, and we managed to get a shell. we suspect the system
malfunction to be the result of a shield failure, but we do not know for sure.
we do know bio-init was supposed to start at some point in the past, but the
robots were found fried up. the habitats are barren, lacking life or a even a
breathable atmosphere. everyone is crammed up in the few isolated modules, most
still around the cryostore. life support is steadily running out
and at this pace, oxygen will run out in a matter of weeks.

to our brothers and sisters on the other astra ships: good sleep, may your
voyage be devoid of danger and disaster. we have decided to pull the reactor
switch, and go out now. the general population has no knowledge of this
decision, as we think it's better for them not to be aware.

-----[END MESSAGE]-----