bablefish transcript: 

adrestia                                                   /---\
approaching Ł332 gue sector 8                             / u u \
xxx telemetry redacted xxx                                \_    /
ansibel yr 4823                                             \__/

[transcript follows...]

geralt regis riavande, first writ scribe
status nominal. all values within acceptable norms.
cleared to begin final approach.

our 150 year journey from í54 re is finally coming to a close. over the
past 10 days, the crew has been slowing awakening from their second-longest
slumber (the longest being 50 years during the middle of our voyage).

i've just awoken today; my head still spins. sea legs seems an appropriate 
term, grabbed from the annals of history: a time when humans still traveled
by boat and ship across the former oceans. somehow, the atmospheric
conditions generated large waveforms on the water's surface, creating a
rocking motion aboard the boats that could range from largely imperceptible
to catastrophic. in any case, i'll be looking for the caffeine supplements.

the rest of the crew seems to be in similar conditions, catching up on their
latest ansibel messages from family and friends. a handful will be staying
at Ł332 gue, while the rest of us carry on after a refueling stayover of 4

expect another update from the station.