bablefish transcript: 

adrestia                                                   /---\
approaching Ł332 gue sector 8                             / u u \
xxx telemetry redacted xxx                                \_    /
ansibel yr 4825                                             \__/

[transcript follows...]

geralt regis riavande, first writ scribe
status high alert, approaching normality

the adrestia's to Ł332 gue sector 8 took an unplanned route through an
asteroid field. it's been a wild ride. 

according to the readings that i'm seeing now, it appears that there is some
missing time, along with an accompanying gap in our logs.

this is still under active investigation. the current working theory is that
we passed through some form of wormhole that didn't change our position in
3d space, but rather our local time frame. 

the current plan is to maintain our current position, run additional
diagnostics and consult with the relay to check if any other vessels have
experienced such a phenomenon.

we'll also be catching up on the messages and logs that have just started
coming through our ansibel node.

expect further updates with the results of our investigations and hopefully
an additional update when we land safely at Ł332 gue.