I've finally fixed this terminal. 

I am not sure it will transmit my
logs but it have this conforting feeling. 

Comming out of the dream planet of sand 
proved to be a rude awkening. Going trough
the consoles tunnel was the way out. 

I wish I could be back there... and I might have
found a way. 

The reality that greeted me on my awakeing
wasn't another dream or simulation.  I woke up
in a half broken pod, with limited battery life
and supply. 

It took me a while to get out as my muscle were
weak and soar. I was able to crawl outside, 
and slowly build a makeshift hut around the pod.

I have found other pods. Most of them broken. 
A few corpses around. I've counted 12 pods in total
including mine. There was also the remanent of
some sort of a ship, probably unmaned and harnessing
the 12 pods. 

Did we crash?

I didn't find more information about who I am. 
A code on the side of my pod....

I found more food source from the other pods, 
and was able to load it in my own pod as I 
was starving. I still need to plug trough IV
to get my nutrient but at least it keeps me alive.

Water seems to be extrated from the environment
and mix with the food supply, and dipensed trough 
my veins. 

At this rate a have a few weeks of supply, I was
also able to scavenge the batteries from the other
pods and some other part. There seems to be
some communication system attached to this 
console, but I wasn't able to put the part 

At least I have this console...

The planet is completly scroched. I don't even want
to explore. It seems like we've crash landed at
the bottom of a tall moutain. I don't see much 
vegetation around, only rock and moss. There 
has to be more life on the planet as I can breath

How do I know all these thing? What is my next
step once I run out of food... I dream of being 
back into the simulation. Although it was a strange
place, I didn't need food or sleep.