This might be my last log on this console. 

Moving rocks and sand, the only object I couldn't move
was the console and the creatures. When I approached the creatures
they stop their flight as if they were waiting for me. In no way
I was able to affect them. Ridding on their back, they wandered around
aimlessly. Are they also stuck in this world?

Moving all the sand and rock away from the console, I realized 
it went trough the whole 'planet'. Visiting the end or the base
of the console, I found a hole. I didn't dare to enter it yet. 

I want to leave these notes for whoever might read them, and maybe
as a reminder of how I go out... Lets see what I find next.

These logs on this console are most of my memories, I hope someone could 
read them and maybe help me. I hope I could find out who I am.