I don't know how long it has been since I last
logged my progress into the console. Time has taken
quite a subjective turn.

I started experimenting with my physical reality, 
or what I though was my physical reality. By now,
it's clear to me; I live in some sort of a simulation. 

I tried lifting different size of rock, and realized
I could move all of them. I then started to play with sand. 
I was able to dig very deep very quickly. 

Testing the speed at which I could run, there was no limit
and soon came back to the console. Did I run all around 
the planet? I was also able to affect time, light and
darkness and the wind. 

I am able to move sand and rock with the wind, 
or maybe simply with my mind? I made a vortex
of sand but I lost control and got stuck in there. 

While in the sand I lost conciousness and came back 
to my dreams of light.  I had more control this time. 
I was able to maintain some sort of conversation 
with one of the voice. 

Deema, she called herself and told me about the 
flying creature on this planet. I should somehow make 
contact with them?

I woke up completely burried in sand. A moment 
of panic, I realized I didn't need to breath either. 
I remembered what got me here and started to 
try my new-found powers. 

I moved the sand around me. Soon I was floating
in the middle of the sand. I moved in one direction
as the sand and rocks rotated around me, making space 
for me. 

The whole planet is made of sand and rocks.

Everything seems to respond to my will. 
I was able to move dunes and reshape the whole
planet. Floating around, I could see how small 
the planet was. There was nothing around, no star
and the sun seemed more like the projection of light...

The console, and these flying creatures 
seems to be outside the realm of my control. 
The creatures looks like a mix between a sting ray
and a large leaf. Although I was afraid of them
at first, now they seems lost, waiting for something. 

I can control everything but I still have no idea 
what is happening to me. I feel like the consol
is my only way out.