Writing here comforts me. 
As if my reality shifted drastically
since I've found this console. 

Yesterday I wanted to build a place 
for me to stay closer to the console. 
I started by bringning some rocks. 
Small ones at first. Then bigger ones. 

All the rocks fitted really well togheter, 
as if they were meant to be creating a structure.
It was a strange feeling. Each time I looked for a
stone of a certain shape I was able to find it. 

Was my mind playing a trick on me?

I then realized I was able to lift rocks
that were bigger than me. I tried picking up
the biggest rock I could and, to my surprise,
there was no difference between the small 
and the big ones. 

I built a dome around the console in one day.
I feel more at ease now, but I don't understand
my new powers. Are these powers or simply how
physics are applied in this world? 

The idea of this being a simulation is more and
more present in my mind. But why? And how to
get out of it? And why can't I remember how I got
here on the first place. 

I want to explore more the limitation of 
this world tomorrow. I want to break out of it. 

My dreams at night are still the same. 
Only lights and voices. I started to try
to communicate with these other voices 
but I have a hard time staying aware during these 
moments. Maybe it's the way out?