Day 2 since finding this console

I am unsure if anyone can read these
but even for sanity sake, I'll keep 
a log of what is happening. 

It feels like weeks or month
that I've been stranded in this land

The first few days
I spent looking for water and food
but then realized I didn't need any

Am I in some sort of simulation?

The colors of the sky and the land
seems to be shifting. 

I am exploring these endless  
dunes of sand and rock formations
while trying to avoid
these... creatures flying
and roaming the sky

This console is the first vestige of
technology I've encountered. It make
me feel safe and connected

I want to avoid these creatures
It's not safe in the open
I need a way out and maybe this console
can help me

^C ^Q

I need to create some sort of protection
around this console. I'll leave for now.