I had lost power to my console
for the last few days. 

I'm still alive but barely. 

My pod power was running out
and the iv food was relly low. 

I scavenge everything I could from 
all the broken pod around. Chaining
the battery, replacing the different

Somehow I know these things
but I don't really have time
to wonder why. 

Apart for these moments I spend 
writing on this console, everything
is about survival. 

I was able to get back into the
deep sleep mode. I had given up
and prefered to get back into
the illusion... 

The dive back into the virtual
world felt comforting. There is no pain
in there, just this continual dream. 

I was enjoying myself and hoped
my body would slowly fade out,
while in my deep hallucination. 

I played with these floating 
entities, it almost felt like
a friendship...

But then I had a dream, in the dream
and met with Deema again... She
gave me hope... what is she?

I got back to the harsh reality,
and started to get busy... 

Some communication system is attached
to the pods and I had to scavenge a few
of them to be able to replace all the
parts on mine. I am not sure if it 
is working but when I got it going
I received a few garbled transmissions
one from a sphere monk... who is this?

It seems like I was able to send
a distress signal of some sort, 
and a count down started...

3 days and 16 hours.. counting down

Is someone going to save me? Maybe
they would know who I am...